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The Corporation d’innovation et développement Alma – Lac-Saint-Jean-Est, CIDAL, fosters, promotes and supports initiatives related to economic, industrial, aviation and tourism development with a regional approach, and covers the fourteen municipalities of the RCM of Lac-Saint-Jean-Est.

Our services

CIDAL offers technical and financial support services to potential or established entrepreneurs. Our team works with individual or groups of entrepreneurs, regardless of their age or the stage of development of their business.

Financial assistance and fund management

CIDAL has many financial tools, which, in most cases, constitute an important leverage component when developing a business. Depending on the financial tool selected, CIDAL can contribute up to $150,000.


CIDAL Innovation and Development Fund

Through its Innovation and Development Fund, CIDAL intervenes financially with promoters who want to start a business, if this business will render the promoter an entrepreneur. Established social economy businesses can also benefit from this non-repayable contribution when they have an expansion project. CIDAL is also involved in financing studies for strategic expansion projects in the form of non-repayable contributions or loans.


RCM Lac-Saint-Jean-Est Local Investment Fund (LIF)

By virtue of the mandate entrusted to it, CIDAL manages the Local Investment Fund (LIF) for the RCM of Lac-Saint-Jean-Est. Constituting a venture capital fund worth nearly two (2) million dollars, the LIF is intended to support the set-up, acquisition, succession or expansion of local businesses. 


Support for Self-Employment Measure (SSEM)

Through an agreement with Emploi-Québec, CIDAL manages and promotes the Support for Self-Employment Measure (SSEM). CIDAL therefore assists clients in their business plan development processes, analyzes files for presentation to the committee (verification of competition, viability, recommendations, etc.), and carries out quarterly monitoring of companies eligible for the program.


Futurpreneur Canada

Through an agreement with the organization, CIDAL acts as a local partner in processing applications for the Futurpreneur Canada program. CIDAL is therefore responsible for validating the eligibility of candidates and their projects. It accompanies the promoter through the application process, conducts risk analyses, issues recommendations to Futur entrepreneur, forwards files for analysis and proceeds with the signature of the financing agreement. 

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