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The key to our vitality

Commercial activity is a primary element of our territory’s vitality. The City of Alma is home to the majority of the region’s primary services and has the largest commercial artery in the Lac-Saint-Jean region (on avenue du Pont). Because of its strategic location, the RCM of Lac-Saint-Jean-Est offers a wide range of services that include numerous types of services and retailers.

Ensuring the lasting success of local businesses is a major part of securing a stimulating level of activity of the region, especially in the smaller municipalities located in our RCM.

CIDAL operates in the commercial sector in the following ways :

  • Support commercial revitalization initiatives to stimulate buying locally and to remain appealing to consumers ;
  • Assistance with implementation (information about sectors and municipal regulations) ;
  • Preservation and development of local businesses in the municipalities of the RCM ;
  • Raising awareness among merchants to help them with their digital transformation.
Industry has always played a major role in the economic development of the RCM of Lac-St-Jean-Est. Even today, aluminum and paper production remain the most important generators of employment in the manufacturing industry; the Rio Tinto and RÉSOLU paper product plants alone generate nearly 1,300 jobs.
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