Choose to settle in Alma - Lac-Saint-Jean-Est

The regional county municipality (RCM) of Lac-Saint-Jean-Est is a choice territory in Québec because of its wealth of natural resources, large pool of highly skilled workers, acclaimed infrastructure and unparalleled quality of life. This region is renowned as an excellent place for those looking to establish a successful business.

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Our region

The regional county municipality (RCM) of Lac-Saint-Jean-Est has an area of 2 709 km2: 1 684 km2 of municipal territories and 1 025 km2 of unorganized territories.


Métabetchouan-Lac-à-la-Croix is the largest rural municipality in the RCM of Lac-Saint- Jean-Est. In this municipality, agriculture is a central part of the economy but over the years, it has greatly diversified its market, giving the service sector more importance.

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Hébertville is a vibrant, friendly and lively municipality. It is known for its quality farmland, lakes, mountains and forests. Residents of this quaint region are spread throughout the area's 265 km2, in urban, agricultural, and hospitality industries.

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Hébertville-Station is a municipality whose economy relies on small and medium-sized processing and product distribution businesses, as well as agriculture. It is home to an inter-municipal industrial park for the southern sector.

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The municipality of Saint-Bruno has a wonderfully varied economy. Its agricultural activity is certainly its most booming sector, but it also boasts many construction companies and a wide variety of local services. More than 200 families have chosen to settle in the municipality of Saint-Bruno over the last ten years to make use of its varied facilities and ideal setting.

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Saint-Gédéon is an agricultural and recreational tourism community located on the shores of lac Saint-Jean, covering a total area of 64.17 km2. With over 300 vacation centres and eight campgrounds, Saint-Gédéon's population practically triples during in the summer. Visitors flock to Saint-Gédéon to take advantage of the local attractions including the sandy beaches, marinas, port, golf club and the Véloroute, which borders the Petit Marais.

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Located at the mouth of lac Saint-Jean, the City of Alma is a strategic regional hub that holds a great deal of importance for the area. Being situated in the centre of the RCM of lac Saint-Jean, the City of Alma is the pillar for the area's industrial, commercial and service sectors. Alma covers a total area of 195.59 km2, 15% of which is urbanized. The presence of heavy industries makes it possible to maintain a high level of economic activity, while small and medium-sized enterprises contribute to the city's overall development. A large part of the territory is occupied by farmland and farms, which also contribute to the city's economic growth. Lastly, from a geographic point of view, Alma borders lac Saint-Jean and two rivers cross the area; the Grande Décharge and the Petite Décharge, which form the Saguenay River at their confluence.

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Located at the border of Saguenay and Lac-Saint-Jean, the municipality of Saint-Nazaire has an advantageous location for anyone who wants to take full advantage of the city's country feel as well as the city's leisure activities. The municipality of Saint-Nazaire is full of attractions for residents and visitors to the region. Visitors will discover the many sports, cultural, tourism and commercial facilities, which make Saint-Nazaire a vibrant and exciting place to explore.

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Located on the shores of lac Saint-Jean, the municipality of Desbiens is best known for its close proximity to the Métabetchouan River. Desbiens is a hub for recreational tourism thanks to the Plage Blanchette campground, the Centre d'histoire et d'archéologie de la Métabetchouan and the Trou de la fée. There is definitely plenty to explore in the region of Desbiens.

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The municipality of Labrecque is located on the banks of lac Labrecque and is near lac Tommy, lac Chabot and lac Louvier. The municipality welcomes hundreds of tourists and vacationers every year. The region has developed around lac Labrecque, where many residents live.

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Located near lac Tchitogama and the Péribonka River, this municipality is growing thanks to forestry activities, tourism and resorts. The municipality of Lamarche will charm you with its many tourist attractions, including its majestic mountains.

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Ascension-de-Notre-Seigneur is an agroforestry municipality fed by a large sawmill. This region is working to diversify its economy through the development of holiday resorts and tourism. It is also targeting families to further its growth.

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Saint-Henri-de-Taillon is located northeast of lac St-Jean. This small municipality has 745 residents and offers unparalleled access to lac St-Jean with its kilometres of sandy beach, marina and the Pointe-Taillon Park's facilities. Both residents and visitors enjoy a great quality of life and a wide variety of activities such as fishing, cycling, sailing, swimming, snowmobiling, cross-country skiing and snowshoeing. This municipality has plenty of options for tourists in terms of entertainment and its diverse accommodations.

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While the municipality of Sainte-Monique may be small in size, it has a wide range of private services available to its residents: many hair and beauty salons, a physiotherapist and dietician, a restaurant and snack bar, a hardware and auto parts wholesaler, two gas stations, two convenience stores, a grocery store, three car mechanics and a hotel. Forestry companies, a sawmill and the lumber dyer are the main employers in the village but there are also a few entrepreneurs. The sense of community in Sainte-Monique is alive and well thanks to several leisure organizations, the involvement of many volunteers and members of the municipal council.

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The municipality of Saint-Ludger-de-Milot is located north of lac Saint-Jean and Dalmas Township, between the Alex and Petite Péribonka rivers. Founded in 1931, this municipality's economy stems primarily from the forestry industry.

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The ideal geographical location

The RCM of Lac-Saint-Jean-Est is the heart of the Saguenay – Lac-Saint-Jean region. It is located at the junction of major road transportation routes and is directly connected to the rail network. The RCM’s 2 deep-water ports make it accessible to major international markets.









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